Monday, October 29, 2012

Frozen Edition E92 M3 Coupe (Gallery)

As the production of the what will be the legendary E92 BMW M3 Coupe draws to a near close, special editions will be made available to celebrate it's life. A few months ago we reported the availability of special Frozen Editions of the BMW M5 and BMW M3 in the UK, but now we are happy to report that the BMW M3 Frozen Editions has now been confirmed for the US and most likely for Canada as well! The Frozen paints can be ordered in Canada for the BMW M3 and M5 right now speak with your BMW sales rep for more details. (Full gallery after the jump) 

Construction Update Mid Oct 2012 (Updated)

The foundations of our service department expansion has completed the walls are going up right now! We are all very excited to see how it is all going to look like when it is completed. Here are some pictures of it's progress, since a predicted snowy winter is we are going to try to document it for a long as we are able. (More pictures after the Jump)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Winter Tires, It's about time.


At 7°C, summer tires and all-season tires begin to lose traction. BMW Approved Cold Weather Tires have been specially designed to perform where other tires cannot. Increased safety without compromising BMW’s signature, sporting style is what you can expect. Equip your BMW with a BMW Approved Cold Weather Tire Package so that you can stay safe on the road and embrace all that winter has to offer.

2013 BMW 650i xDrive Gran Coupe (Gallery)

A photo shoot featuring our Carbon Black 2013 BMW 650i xDrive Gran Coupe, beautiful long lines melts the boundaries between a coupe and a sedan. Power from the V8 comes smooth and handles with composure. Have a look at the full gallery after the jump.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Rare Frozen White F10 BMW M5 Sedan (Gallery)

Delivery was taken of a super rare Frozen White on Sakhir Orange 2013 BMW M5 last week, it is limited to only 2 allocations per month for the entire world! We taken a few great photos after the jump to show you how stunning this color looks on the M5. It's so cool it's frozen!

2012 BMW M6 Cabriolet F13 Photoshoot

We recently completed a small photoshoot of a 2012 BMW M6 Cabriolet for one of our customers, this was actually one of the first F13 M6 Cabriolet in Ontario and it is a rare opportunity for a lease takeover on this car here. Enjoy the rest of the pictures after the jump.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Could this be the MINI Paceman JCW Spied?

There has been a lot of spy shots as of late as BMW Group and MINI expand on it's current model line up. The MINI Paceman will offer the ALL4 All wheel drive from the Countryman, but in a Cooper Hatch style configuration. As we can see in this picture the MINI Paceman will be very close in size to the BMW 1 Series Hatch (The one series looks smaller in this picture since it is further away). From what we can see here, it looks like MINI is testing out the MINI Paceman John Cooper Works ALL4 and from what I can see it looks great! 2 more pictures after the jump.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

BMW and the iPhone 5

Apple recently introduced the new iPhone 5. There are three key differences between it and earlier iPhone models that affect its integration in BMW vehicles. First, the physical dimensions of the body of the new phone are thinner and longer compared to the iPhone 4/4S. Second, the iPhone uses a new 8-pin connector in place of the traditional 30-pin connector used on all other iPhone variants as well as iPod touch and iPod nano. The third is the elimination of the analog video signal.

BMW 5 Series and GT LCI (F10 and F07)

Here are some spy shots of the BMW 5 Series (F10) and 5 GT (F07) Facelift (LCI) below. In these pictures we can see the BMW 5 Series's new optional LED headlight units with squared off LED Corona Rings, in addition we can see that the turn indicators are now located in the mirrors. On the 5GT it appears that some visual updates are being applied to the front and the rear. Have a look at the gallery after the jump.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe Spied without Camo

Here is a spy shot of the M6 Gran Coupe without any camouflage, the most interesting thing is that the M6 Gran Coupe will have it's bespoke wheels and not shown in this picture is the contoured carbon fiber roof like the M6 Coupe.  - Source

Thursday, October 4, 2012

F30 BMW 335i M Performance

Here we have it a 2013 BMW 335i fully decked out in all new M Performance parts displayed here at the Paris Autoshow 2012. Here in Canada we will be getting some of these parts in our inventory in the up coming months. Have a look at the full gallery, the new M Performance parts look amazing!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Town+Country BMW Expansion Phase 2 Updates

Sept 2012 - It has been a month since our service customers started enjoying the fantastic car washes from our new car wash facility after each service shop visit, and that draws an end to phase one to our dealership expansion. Beginning is phase 2 which is expected to be fully completed in a year's time will include twice the service bays, double length covered service drive-thru and double the office and showroom space. We have a few pictures after the jump to document the progress. (Pictures Updated Progress Oct 3)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Behold, The 1.5L 3 Cylinder TwinPower Turbo

Unofficially this engine will put out 120-220hp at 180-240nm of peak torque in various configurations, in line with being efficient and dynamic this 1.5L 3 Cylinder TwinPower Turbo will make it's way into cars such as the BMW i3 and the i8 paired with an electric powertrain. BMW has already beginning testing it's new small displacement engines in the existing F20 BMW 1 Series (F20 not sold in North America) as seen here in the pictures, the engine also debuted in the Concept Active Tourer recently shown at the 2012 Paris Autoshow. Small displacement engines will be the future as government enforce the goals for each manufacture to meet new environmental standards. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Tips on being The Ultimate Driver

See just what it takes to maneuver 560 horses as they're unleashed on our track in Spartanburg. Complete car control is essential to top performance, from acceleration to loss of traction, from the street to the Skid Pad — it's as much about the mental as it is about the physical. Watch Chief Driving Instructor, Matt Mullins, with tips on how to become the Ultimate Driver. More videos after the jump.