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Saturday, September 29, 2012

BMW i3 Stripped in Paris

The BMW i3 stripped down to the bare frame at the Paris Autoshow 2012. The BMW i3 shows off it's new Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Passenger Cell along with it's electric drivetrain and suspension components was also on display. This new weight saving technology will be a first for a volume produced vehicle and will be a key component of future mainstream BMW models. Have a look at the gallery after the jump.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Mighty BMW M Powered McLaren F1

The McLaren F1, a supercar conceived by Gordon Murray and manufactured by McLaren Automotive from 1992-1998 in Woking of Surrey in England is still an icon in the world of supercars today. BMW M Division Engine Expert Paul Rosche designed a 6.1L V12 Engine called BMW S70/2 at 618 horsepower, the road going version of the McLaren F1 has a torque output of 480ft-lb at 5600 rpm and redlines at 7500 rpm. The Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic monocoque chassis structure is is light giving this car a power to weight ratio of 550hp per ton (Compared to a modern day Ferrari Enzo which is only at 434 hp per ton) The McLaren F1 boasts 0-60 mph in  3.2 seconds with a Top Speed of 391 km/h with the limiter removed. As a tribute to this iconic BMW powered Supercar, read more for a Gallery and Specs.