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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Concept BMW M8 Study Renderings

Lets imagine for a moment BMW created a hybrid supercar mated with the 560hp BMW V8 (S63B44TU) from the current BMW M6 in the BMW i8's light weight body... What would we get? Perhaps a BMW M8 Hybrid Supercar. The renderings below is strictly a design study, technical possibilities has not been considered. (Check out the other colors after the jump)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

BMW Zagato Roadster Concept Study

After much positive reaction from the BMW Zagato Coupe at Italy's Concorso d’Elleganza Villa d’Este earlier this year, BMW and Zagato has one again come together to create another beautiful masterpiece. The Roadster bears striking resemblance to the Coupe sharing the same fascia, however a large portion of the BMW Z4 based Zagato Roadster is bespoke; even the hardtop has been ditched in favor of a Soft Top. (Press Release + Gallery inside)