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Thursday, July 25, 2013

MINI Cooper Vision Concept

You may have seen actual pictures of the completely uncovered new MINI Cooper S which appeared on our blog for no more then 15 minutes, we had to take it down because it doesn't fully represent the final quality of the MINI Product. Here is the Press Release. At today’s MINI Design@Home event Anders Warming, Head of MINI Design, previews a sampling of visionary design and innovative ideas. The MINI Vision, for example, showcases various elements of future MINI design. Here, MINI has developed a vehicle design laced with new creative impulses that advance the cause of premium quality in the compact class.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The F31 3 Series Touring and The MINI Clubvan (Gallery)

Generally speaking Tourings, Station Wagons, Sports Wagons, Shooting Brake, The Advants sort of cars is much better received in Europe then here in North America. Why aren't Touring's more popular here anyways? The trunk opening is almost just as large as an SUV, it has just about or more cargo capacity, Touring's has sedan like sportier handling and because it is smaller and lighter it may even save you a bit more fuel. Here we are the new F31 BMW 328i xDrive Touring shown here with the M Sport package gives this car even more show for the go! Powered by the N20 2.0L Inline 4 Twin Power Turbo pushing 241hp with 258lb/ft of torque! Let's not forget the new MINI Clubvan all new for 2014, based on the MINI Clubman... all bespoke interior from behind the front seats onwards, designed for small business to haul things around. The MINI Clubvan is powered by the MINI Cooper's 1.6L 4 Cylinder with 121hp and 114lb/ft of torque. Check out the photo shoot after the jump. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

First F56 MINI Cooper S Spyshots

The first spyshots of the new MINI Cooper S, with what appear to be slightly larger dimensions and a familiar face check out the spyshots after the jump.

Monday, June 3, 2013

2014 F56 MINI Cooper Renderings and Spyshots

These in-house renderings shows now the of the all new 2014 MINI Cooper could look like. The renderings based on details seen on these newest revealing spyshots of the new MINI Coopers interior and exterior. Sharing Chassis with the new front wheel drive platform BMW, the new MINI dimensions looks slightly larger and should be available as a 2 door or 4 door hatch. Headlight design was inspired by the MINI Rocketman concept and could feature a single LED halo day time running light with integrated turn signals. Check out the treasure trove of spyshots after the jump.

Monday, May 27, 2013

B.A.D. Ride 2013 Gallery

Since 1967, Distress Centres has been providing an around-the-clock emotional safety net for community members who are socially marginalized, distressed, in crisis, victims of violence or suicidal. Last year, more than 120,000 calls were answered on our help lines. Through our Survivor Support Programme, hundreds of other individuals received face-to-face grief counseling in the tragic aftermath of a death by suicide or homicide. Distress Centres was also able to provide service to countless professionals, organizations and concerned citizens through the training and consultation provided by our Community Outreach Programme. Each and every service is provided free of charge to participants. In an attempt to ensure easy access to our crisis lines, we have a TTY line for the hearing impaired and employ a 151 language interpreter service. Bikers Against Distress known as B.A.D. Ride is a charity bike ride event MINI Markham supports, this year at BAD Ride 2013 we are provided track entertainment with a race off between our Countryman S and Cooper S. Congratulations to Monte who was the winner of our MINI Markham Psychic Ballon Stuff contest guessing one one away from the actual amount of balloons which filled one our MINI Coopers. A large gallery of our cars, our Crew and the winner inside.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Life Ball 2013 MINI Paceman by Roberto Cavalli.

A first glimpse of the Life Ball MINI 2013 unquestionably reveals the distinctive style of the famous fashion designer. Cavalli upgraded the exterior of the MINI Paceman – the youngest and seventh member of the MINI family – with an exclusive colour that has already featured in his own fleet of cars: a special iridescent paint that shimmers between black and brown depending on the incidence of light. This flamboyant paintwork accentuates the clear lines of the first Sports Activity CoupĂ© by MINI and turns it into a very special one-off...  
(Read more for Full Gallery)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

MINI Cooper sets sail, without the sail. (Gallery)

Is that a MINI Cooper S Convertible driving on water? It isn't, actually it is a MINI Cooper themed boat manufactured by ACI Composites Inc in Pennsylvania. the MINI Boat is molded from a 2004 MINI Cooper S in fiberglass then married with a boat hull and a 6hp outboard motor for good measure. Have a look at the full gallery after the jump.  

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Markham Expo 2013 Pictures

MINI Markham hosted a booth at Markham Expo 2013 just this past weekend on May 4 2013 here are a few pictures in our gallery of this annual event! We had a great turnout and lots of love for the New MINI Paceman S we brought to the show.

Monday, April 1, 2013

2014 MINI Cooper prototype interior.

Here is a sneak peek at the new 3rd Generation MINI's dashboard in a test mule with a BMW steering wheel, we can see the the central speedometer has been replaced with a more practical unit in front of the steering wheel and overall ergonomics looks to be improved, also notice the BMW F chassis's steering column where there is no longer a slot for the keyfob which means that keyless start will now be standard even for MINIs without comfort access. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

First MINI Paceman S ALL4 at MINI Markham

Here is a first look of the MINI Paceman S ALL4 here at MINI Markham. MINI Cooper drivers who have always wished the car had more space and wished it had 4 wheel drive can celebrate! because ALL that is here in this new MINI Paceman! Come in for a test drive, here is a gallery of our very first Paceman.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

MINI Paceman JCW (Gallery+Press Release)

Here is the MINI Paceman JCW ALL4 with a John Cooper Works Enhanced Turbocharged 1.6 Liter 4-Cylinder that produces 208hp and 192 lb-ft (260Nm) No details yet on when this car will arrive in North America. A full gallery after the jump.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Could this be the MINI Paceman JCW Spied?

There has been a lot of spy shots as of late as BMW Group and MINI expand on it's current model line up. The MINI Paceman will offer the ALL4 All wheel drive from the Countryman, but in a Cooper Hatch style configuration. As we can see in this picture the MINI Paceman will be very close in size to the BMW 1 Series Hatch (The one series looks smaller in this picture since it is further away). From what we can see here, it looks like MINI is testing out the MINI Paceman John Cooper Works ALL4 and from what I can see it looks great! 2 more pictures after the jump.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

MINI Paceman Officially Unveiled (HD Gallery)

Have you ever looked at the MINI Cooper and thought, I wish it was larger and had 4 Wheel drive? The MINI Paceman is the car for you. It is a coupe version of the MINI Countryman, more details later but for now skip after the jump for a gallery of photos and Press Release.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Press Release: MINI Countryman John Cooper Works

Earlier this year MINI Markham offered a MINI Countryman JCW bodykit for your MINI Countryman S but soon coming in 2013 we could have the actual MINI Countryman John Cooper Works Edition here in Canada. Availability in Canada unconfirmed at this time, however a white MINI Countryman JCW has been spotted testing in Ontario in August 2012 so there is a good chance we will get this car here in Canada.

Press Release: Introduction of the latest new model to wear the badge of MINI’s John Cooper Works sub-brand; MINI John Cooper Works Countryman is the performance model of the range and the first to come with MINI ALL4 all-wheel drive;MINI John Cooper Works Countryman combines racing passion on the road with extreme driving fun on rough terrain; authentic embodiment of traditional motor sport expertise and the current rally racing programme; introducing this distinctive racing feel into another new vehicle segment opens up additional target groups for the John Cooper Works brand. (Gallery and Press Release after the Jump)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

MINI JCW GP Gallery and Press Release

Press Release: A limited-edition road car with race track-developed technology, the MINI John Cooper Works GP is the sportiest and fastest production model ever built under the nameplate of this British premium brand. It will make its world debut at the Paris Motor Show (29 September to 4 October 2012), and production of a limited edition of just 2,000 units will start later this year. Extensively equipped with John Cooper Works motor sport technology, this two-seater boasts outstanding performance to match its distinctive looks. An extensively modified four-cylinder turbo engine capable of developing 160 kW/ 218 hp, adjustable coilover suspension, an extra-powerful sports brake system and model-specific alloy wheels and sports tyres ensure superb handling and outstanding driving enjoyment. (To Continue + Gallery click read more)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Anders Warming - the head of MINI Design explains in a video why the design of the MINI GP is so special. The MINI GP will be the fastest MINI ever made, with it's light weight bodywork and it's 210bhp 1.6L 4 cylinder engine.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

MINI Paceman - Professionally Spied

MINI Markham is located in Markham, Ontario in Canada and due to our sometimes wintery conditions from December through February many MINI Cooper owners have asked "Does it come with an option for 4 wheel drive?" very soon though our answer will be a resounding "YES" because the Production MINI Paceman ALL4 is coming! Have a look at these professional grade spy-like shots of the MINI Paceman.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Tinier MINI: Rocketman

A smaller MINI wearing the colors of the Union Jack is a tribute to London Games 2012. We are unsure if the Rocketman will make it into production, but the styling cues seen on this concept could make it on to the next generation MINI Coopers. Read the press release and a full gallery after the Jump.

Monday, May 28, 2012

MINI Markham Soc-Car at B.A.D. Ride 2012

MINI Markham had a lot of fun performing at the annual (Bikers Against Distress) B.A.D. Ride 2012 at the Markham Fairgrounds on May 27 2012. This is our first ever show featuring a few of our MINIs in a game of Soccer we named "Soc-Car" and Pat Gonslaves from Q107 was broadcasting live at the show. After many rounds of kickoffs and head to head action we would like to congratulate Team Shelia and Rany in the red MINI Cooper crowned as the winners of MINI Markham Soc-Car 2012 Champion! All the pics from our event after the jump.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Purple and Gold: 2012 Life Ball Mini Roadster

Have you ever dreamed of driving a Purple MINI with Gold stripes? Franca Sozzani, chief editor of Italian Vogue decorated a 2012 MINI Roadster S like this just for you! Presented at the 2012 Life Ball charity event in Vienna, Austria, this vehicle is a one off auctioned for charity at €54,000 to an unnamed buyer. This Roadster S is dipped in a rich matte paint called "deepest purple" completed with gold stripes and various floral motifs. “The concept behind the MINI customisation is inspired by the beautiful and elegant women who in the past used to wear a scarf draped around their head when driving a convertible,” says Sozzani, who is also the UN Goodwill Ambassador for Fashion 4 Development. Click read more to see the rest of the pics.