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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

TCBMW Expansion Phase 2 Early 2013 Updates

Phase 2 of Town+Country BMW's expansion began October 2012 and ever since construction crews has been working around the clock (pending weather) to realize our dream expansion. We have composed a gallery of our progress during January and February, and as you can see the exterior is almost done!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Town+Country BMW Phase 2 Taking Shape

Phase 2 of our dealership expansion is beginning to take it's shape as the steel frame structure of the new addition is being welded into the existing building. A few more pictures after the jump.

Monday, November 19, 2012

November 2012 Dealership Expansion Phase 2 Update

A Letter from Town+Country BMW President Jim Cochrane: 

Last June I sent you an update on Phase 1 of our Building Expansion. Now I have more good news to report. 

As I write, Phase 2 is in full swing. Foundation work for our new Shop, Drive Thru and the expanded Parts 

Department is completed.  Our expectation is that all walls in these Phase 2 areas will be up and completely enclosed by mid-December.
Indeed, the entire T+C Shop should be completed by the end of April. Ready, in every way, to provide 

Customer Service with a growing list of innovations and BMW features. Ideas that will make your “coming and going” to Town+Country the most efficient BMW dealership experience of your life. After all, this new Shop will double Service Bay capacity.
You may remember that the completion of our expansion program includes major renovations to our Showroom with new ideas for our Customer Lounge, and Pre-Owned department. These last projects will get “legs” once the new Shop and Drive Thru are completed.
I share all this news with you because we are committed to the best customer after-care anywhere in the GTA Luxury car market.
Again I thank you for your support through the years. Your continued patience as we complete these last commitments means a lot to every man and woman who works here. Thank you. (More pictures inside)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Construction Update Mid Oct 2012 (Updated)

The foundations of our service department expansion has completed the walls are going up right now! We are all very excited to see how it is all going to look like when it is completed. Here are some pictures of it's progress, since a predicted snowy winter is we are going to try to document it for a long as we are able. (More pictures after the Jump)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Town+Country BMW Expansion Phase 2 Updates

Sept 2012 - It has been a month since our service customers started enjoying the fantastic car washes from our new car wash facility after each service shop visit, and that draws an end to phase one to our dealership expansion. Beginning is phase 2 which is expected to be fully completed in a year's time will include twice the service bays, double length covered service drive-thru and double the office and showroom space. We have a few pictures after the jump to document the progress. (Pictures Updated Progress Oct 3)