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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

F15 2014 BMW X5 50i M-Sport Uncovered

Recently photos of the F15 2014 BMW X5 50i M-Sport with covered badges surfaced on the internet, and here are the exact same shots of BMW's new M-Sport X5 completely uncovered.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Canadian Specific 2014 BMW X5 Information

Canadian Market Powertrain options:

xDrive35i 3.0L TwinPower (twin-scroll) Turbo inline 6 cylinder (N55) 300 hp @ 5800 RPM / 300 lb-ft torque @ 1200-5000 RPM

xDrive50i 4.4L TwinPower (twin-scroll) Turbo inline 6 cylinder V8 (N63Tu) 445 hp between 5500-6000 RPM / 480 lb-ft torque @ 2000-4500 RPM

xDrive35d (December SOP) 3.0L TwinPower Turbo with VNT turbocharging and common rail direct injection 255 hp / 413 lb-ft torque @ 1500-3000 RPM

Saturday, March 30, 2013

E53 BMW X5 4.4i Urban Assault Vehicle.

A wrecked E53 BMW X5 4.4i has came back and ready for a an apocalypse thanks to Tuning Specialists Fluid Motor Union. The Custom 2 inch lift kit, Black Bull bars and huge skull and bones tires gives this car an urban assault look, it is not your typical modified X5. Have a look at the gallery and a video past the jump below.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Leaked Offical images of the 2014 F15 BMW X5

Some official online brochure images surfaced on the web today of the 2014 F15 BMW X5. The images is pretty low resolution but we will update as soon as we receive some higher res official images. We can dare say it looks pretty close to our render from a few weeks ago. From these images we can see the full LED headlight setup, also the new X5 will feature the Air Curtain Technology alongside with the Boomerang vents from the 4 Series coupe. See the rear end after the jump.

Monday, May 28, 2012

You Know You Are In Markham When...

Our customer is usually very diverse in terms of the type of car and choices colors for their BMWs, however a certain color is extra popular in this area... just take a look at this picture from this morning in our delivery bay. You know you are in Markham when the entire delivery bay is full of White BMWs, Alpine white is surely one of the most sold color in this part of town. The BMW X1, X3, X6M, X5 are all in one picture... the M5 is the odd one out, interestingly if you click read more you will see a picture of the facelifted/LCI 2013 BMW X6M with the Full LED headlights. For those who are unfamiliar with our delivery bay, it is a place for our delivery specialists to go over the features of each vehicle in detail for the Lucky one picking up their BMW that day.